Getting Approved For a Car Loan With a 480 Credit Score

480 credit score - 660 Credit Score

Here’s 3 tips to getting approved to buy a car with  of  480 credit score only . Keep in mind that not everyone does get approved, but there are some companies that are willing to work with you to obtain auto financing. Who you work with can be more important than what you’re working with.

Use What You Have.

While your credit score may not be your strong point, your income and time on your job may be. There are lenders that look at credit scores with a lot of scrutiny, while some sub-prime lenders look more at the overall situation. If you have a decent job, make decent money and have been working for a number of years, those are things that a sub-prime lender will take into consideration.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic.

Unless a miracle happens, the chances are very low that you’ll get approved for an expensive vehicle. $50,000.00 sport utilities are out of the question. You can however, get a nice vehicle if you make enough money each month. There are lenders that will provide you with financing based on your monthly income, but don’t expect to be driving away in a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Use Online Lenders.

If you click around a bit on the web, you’ll find that there are some really good auto loan companies that are willing to help people  with 480 Credit Score or  regardless of their past credit history. This can be one of the easier ways of getting approved, and using legitimate car loan companies are a definite plus.

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